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Malaysian bikers visit scenic spots in Chitral

The tour was organized by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (KPCTA) in partnership with Saiyah Travels and the...

Pakistan government has received over 800 applications...

800 adventure tourists from around the world have applied to visit Pakistan.

Latest Punjab Government Preps to Fight Incoming Smog

Punjab Government has begun efforts to fight the incoming smog in the province, an has announced a crackdown against those causing ...

Summer 2018 Photos from Babusar Top

View the beauty of the Babusar Top in all its glory in Pakistan with some wonderful shots and great advice along the way.

4 Best Fishing Spots in Pakistan

We've gathered some of the best fishing locations in Pakistan that you can enjoy

Incoming Heat Wave Alert!

Great showers and floods have swept Pakistan, but a heat wave is incoming and we have to be ready

Guess this location!

You'll be surprised to know about this location.

3 Easy Tips to Save Water in Pakistan!

Water is life and we must save water to save Pakistan.

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