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Current COVID Travel requirements to Pakistan

If you are traveling to Pakistan, you must be aware of current COVID travel requirements. Here are the guidelines regarding travel...


Can a Foreign Female Tourist Travel safely in Pakistan?

According to reviews of many foreign female travelers, Pakistan is considered a safe place for solo female tourists.

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AirSial Limited Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

AirSial has completed its two years of hospitality. The Pakistani actresses Iqra Aziz, Urwa Hussain, and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem joined...

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China lifts COVID-19 Travel restrictions after 3 years

China has lifted all COVID-19 travel restrictions after nearly 3 years due to which Chinese interest in international travel skyrocketed.


Top 5 Places to Visit if you love Cherry Blossom

Here are some of the best places in the World (including Pakistan) where you can enjoy a glimpse of luxurious sceneries of cherry...

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“Fly Jinnah” is a low-cost airline to start operations...

A new airline in Pakistan offering low-price air travel as lowest as Rs13,999 offering customers comfort.


Least explored destinations in Gilgit Baltistan that should...

Travel lover? find out some most beautiful places, famous mountain peaks, turquoise-blue valleys and deserts to visit and get informed...


Here’s why you should be spending your next vacation in...

Pakistan is among the world's most exciting countries. This is since it encompasses a diverse range of civilizations from a wide range...


3 Interesting Psychological Facts About Travelling

Traveling is all about exploring new locations and disconnecting from the pulls and strains of daily life.

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