Travel Tips

Essential Gear for Winter Travel in Pakistan

Continue an unforgettable winter adventure in Pakistan! This guide equips you with essential gear to conquer snowy trails, icy winds,...


KP-CTA conduct symposium to promote tourism of Chitral

Learn about the vibrant tapestry of Chitral's cultural heritage and untapped tourism gems at the Chitral Tourism Symposium.


Thick Fog in Punjab Disrupts Daily Life and Traffic

Experience the unexpected as thick fog engulfs cities in Punjab, causing road closures and chaos in daily routines.


CDA Launches 'Cycling as an Alternative Transport' Project...

Learn about Islamabad's transformation into a cyclist-friendly city with the CDA's ambitious 'Cycling as an Alternative Transport'...

Food Guide

8 Healthy Winter Beverages To Keep You Warm

Start a cozy journey through winter with our guide to 8 healthy winter beverages that will warm your body and soul.


Unseasonably Cool Nights Surprise Karachi Residents

Karachi experiences an unexpected weather twist as temperatures dip to an unseasonable low of 13.5°C.

Travel Guide

A Guide to Skiing Adventure in Malam Jabba

Enjoy the thrill of winter and the rush of adrenaline as we take you on a virtual journey to Malam Jabba.

Travel News

China Southern Announces Three Weekly Flights to Pakistan

In a significant move that underscores the deepening collaboration between China and Pakistan, China Southern, a major Chinese airline.


GB Government Launches Volunteer Tourism Platform in Collaboration...

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the Gilgit-Baltistan Government and PMRU, a Volunteer Tourism platform has been officially...

Travel Tips

Skiing vs Snowboarding: Which One is Easier?

Here is our guide on skiing vs snowboarding. Find out which winter sport suits you best by knowing about the learning curves and unique...


Pakistan Shuts Down Khunjerab Pass for Winter

Winter Shutdown at Khunjerab Pass! Pakistan takes a strategic step, closing the pass amidst heavy snowfall.


Japanese show Strong Intent to Visit Pakistan, Reveals...

Embassy survey shows a seismic shift in Japanese tourism preferences, with 59% expressing a strong desire to visit Pakistan.


Murree Prepares for Snow Season with the Establishment...

As the snow season approaches, Murree established five tourist facilitation centers for the comfort and safety of tourists.


Karachi Inaugurates a Thrilling Zipline at Safari Park

Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab introduces Karachi's inaugural zipline at Safari Park. learn more about this thrill now.


Islamabad to Introduce Electric Bus Service on 13 Routes

Islamabad is revolutionizing its public transportation system with the introduction of a state-of-the-art electric bus service.

Travel News

Why Flights Are Getting Pricier Since Early 2022

Here is why there is a sharp spike in airfare prices. It is rising 27.4% since early 2022, as airlines grapple with increased demand.

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