Pakistan Shuts Down Khunjerab Pass for Winter

Winter Shutdown at Khunjerab Pass! Pakistan takes a strategic step, closing the pass amidst heavy snowfall.


Japanese show Strong Intent to Visit Pakistan, Reveals...

Embassy survey shows a seismic shift in Japanese tourism preferences, with 59% expressing a strong desire to visit Pakistan.


Murree Prepares for Snow Season with the Establishment...

As the snow season approaches, Murree established five tourist facilitation centers for the comfort and safety of tourists.


Karachi Inaugurates a Thrilling Zipline at Safari Park

Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab introduces Karachi's inaugural zipline at Safari Park. learn more about this thrill now.


Islamabad to Introduce Electric Bus Service on 13 Routes

Islamabad is revolutionizing its public transportation system with the introduction of a state-of-the-art electric bus service.

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Why Flights Are Getting Pricier Since Early 2022

Here is why there is a sharp spike in airfare prices. It is rising 27.4% since early 2022, as airlines grapple with increased demand.

Travel Tips

A Guide to Packing for Your Chilly Adventure

Gear up for a winter wonderland adventure with our ultimate guide on how to pack for a chilly escape. Read our blog!

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15 Things to Do in Pakistan During Winter Season

Get the chill and discover unforgettable experiences in Pakistan during Winter Season. Ski in the Swat Valley, immerse in culture,...


PHA in Punjab Takes the Lead in Eco-Friendly Commuting...

PHA is combating air pollution by distributing electric bikes to its employees, setting a green standard for government departments.


Pakistan Boosts Tourism Ties with China at COTTM Expo

Pakistan made a significant mark at the COTTM Expo, fostering increased collaboration between the two nations.


The End of November is Predicted to Unleash Heavy Rains

From Karachi to Kashmir, anticipate heavy rains, thunderstorms, and snowfall in mountainous regions at the end of November.


Pakistan Braces for Cold Spell and Smog Threat

Brace yourself for a cold spell in the upper regions, with potential smog in select areas. Stay informed with our detailed breakdown.


Malaysia Simplifies Visa Process to Boost Tourism from...

Visit Malaysia with the new hassle-free online visa application process for Pakistani tourists.


Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder Takes Center Stage at Dubai Air...

Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder Block-3 and versatile Super Mushshak aircraft make their historic debut at the Dubai Air Show 2023.

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Fly Jinnah Expands Flight Frequency on Key Routes

Fly Jinnah's expanded flight frequency between Karachi and Quetta, Quetta and Islamabad, plus triple-daily flights from Karachi to...


Lamination Paper Shortage in Pakistan Causes Passport Issuance...

Pakistan is currently grappling with a scarcity of lamination paper causing severe delays in passport issuance.

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