Thick Fog in Punjab Disrupts Daily Life and Traffic

Thick Fog in Punjab Disrupts Daily Life and Traffic

In an unusual turn of events, a dense layer of fog has shrouded many cities in Punjab, including Lahore, creating chaos in the routine lives of residents and causing significant disruptions to road traffic. The incident occurred during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, as reported by Dunya News.

The thick fog has taken a toll on the smooth flow of road traffic in various cities, prompting the Motorway authorities to take swift action. According to a spokesperson for the Motorway, both the M2 from Lahore to Kot Momin and the Lahore-Multan Motorway M3 from Faizpur to Samundri have been shut down for all types of traffic.

Motorway police are advising drivers to opt for the Grand Trunk (GT) Road for their travels during this period. Additionally, they are emphasizing the importance of driving cautiously, urging motorists to switch on their fog lights to ensure safety on the roads.

In a proactive measure, the Motorway police have also issued a public appeal, urging people to stay at home and refrain from unnecessary travel. The dense fog has significantly disrupted traffic at various locations in the province, particularly on the National Highway, where low visibility is exacerbating the situation.

The adverse weather conditions have compelled authorities to take stringent measures to ensure the safety of commuters and prevent accidents on the road. The closure of major motorways reflects the severity of the situation and the need for collective efforts to mitigate the impact of the fog on daily life.


As the fog continues to grip the region, residents are advised to stay updated on the latest weather reports and road conditions. Adhering to safety guidelines and exercising caution while commuting are paramount during such challenging weather events.