Avail Discount on PIA for Beijing-Islamabad Flights

Avail Discount on PIA for Beijing-Islamabad Flights

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is offering a huge discount for travelers flying between Beijing and Islamabad. The discounted fare from Beijing to Islamabad is now RMB 4,681 (Rs.152,285) including all taxes. The passengers who plan to travel between China and Pakistan during the Chinese new year holidays will greatly be facilitated with this amazing offer.

PIA has also announced a reduction of the round-trip fare of Beijing-Islamabad-Beijing, which is now RMB 12,050 (Rs.392,018) inclusive of taxes. This national airline is currently operating weekly flights for Islamabad-Beijing-Islamabad routes on Sunday and Islamabad-Chengdu-Islamabad on Wednesday.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has also approved the start of weekly flights on the Islamabad-Xian-Islamabad route. So, PIA is currently making arrangements to start their flights on this route. 

As reported earlier, China has uplifted Covid-19 travel restrictions, so the passengers do not have to go into quarantine starting January 8. However, passengers have to take a nucleic acid test within 48 hr before boarding their flights to China. No nucleic acid screening test is required at the arrival, as stated by China’s National Health Commission.

Ali Imran, a Pakistani educationist, stated that this new discount will greatly facilitate Pakistani professionals and businessmen who could not be able to meet their families for many years because of Covid-19 travel restrictions and increased traveling costs. Now they could avail of this amazing offer and visit their families in Pakistan during the winter holidays.