North Pakistan Routes


Babusar Top - CLOSED (1000cc+ and 4x4 Cars Recommended)

Deosai Plains - OPEN (1000cc+ and 4x4 Cars Recommended)

Shandur Top - OPEN 

Khunjerab Top - OPEN 

Nuri Top - CLOSED



Karakoram Highway - OPEN

KKH -----> Skardu - OPEN (But under construction, so moving slow)

KKH -----> Astore Road - OPEN

Neelam Valley Road - OPEN

Chilas -----> Babusar - CLOSED

Chitral -----> Gilgit - OPEN

Chitral -----> Kalash - OPEN

Kaghan Valley Road - OPEN

Mahudand Lake Road - OPEN

Naltar Road - OPEN

Shimshaal Road - OPEN



Nathia Gali - OPEN

Chitral - OPEN

Ratti Gali - OPEN (Lake is frozen, temperatures under 0 degrees)

Gilgit - OPEN

Skardu - OPEN

Naran - OPEN

Kalam - OPEN

Kumrat - OPEN

Kalash - OPEN

Fairy Meadows - OPEN

Astore - OPEN

Hunza Nagar - OPEN

Ghizel - OPEN

Shimshaal - OPEN


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