Hoilo Garma: A Mouthwatering Dish from Baltistan Cuisine

Hoilo Garma: A Mouthwatering Dish from Baltistan Cuisine

Hoilo Garma is a traditional dish from Gilgit-Baltistan. It is made from a variety of ingredients including boiled potatoes, radishes, turnips, carrots, and spinach. These vegetables are sautéed with spices, pasta, and sometimes meat. Apricot oil or apricot kernels are also used in this dish. The use of apricot is the specialty of this dish. It is slowly cooked and then eaten with a spoon.

The pasta in Holio Garma is made by flattening out the bread and then cutting it into fettuccini-styled pasta. These are fresh and made on spot. These are prepared like local noodles, known as Laqsha. These noodles are also included in one of the famous soups called Dao Dao Soup, which is another delicious dish of Gilgit Baltistan.

Hoilo Garma is typically served as a main dish and is considered a delicacy in the region.

Places to Eat Hoilo Garma in Gilgit Baltistan:

Hoilo Garma is a street food and it is served in many parts of Gilgit Baltistan specially Hunza. Here are some of the good restaurants where you can enjoy this tempting dish.

Hidden Paradise Hunza 

Bazaar Road Gilgit Baltistan, Hunza 15700 Pakistan.

Holio Garma

Holio Garma from Hidden Paradise Hunza

Cafe De Hunza

Karimabad Karimabad Bazaar, Hunza 15700 Pakistan

Dewanekhas Restaurant Skardu

Kazmi Bazar Skardu Near polo Grond, Skardu 16100 Pakistan

Glacier Breeze

Passu, Gilgit-Baltistan