5 Essential Tips to Travel Safer

5 Essential Tips to Travel Safer

Safety is the most important thing while travelling. Here are 5 essential tips to help you keep yourself safe while travelling.


1. Learn Basics of Self-Defense

You don’t need to have black-belt level skills, but joining a few self defense classes is a worthwhile investment in your personal safety. You can even Youtube some free lessons and get major help.


2. Get a blade-resistant backpack

Getting a modern backpack can help protect your gear when you doze off on a train or a bus, as most backpacks can easily be cut open with basic knifes; most common zippers can also pried open with a pen point.


3. Hide Emergency Cash

It is always wise to carry as little cash as possible while travelling, but hiding some at a safe location in your luggage etc can be of great use if you lose your wallet.


4. Take a survival kit

Packing a survival kit can often mean the difference of life and death. Even if you can't buy a full kit, carrying a lighter and whistle is also beneficial.


5. Be Aware of Your Clothing

When it comes to travel, the many clothing items can make you stick out from others locals. The less obviously a visitor you look, the less attention you’ll get from the wrong kind of people. It is better therefore to dress as to disappear among the people.

Also dressing according to custom in Islamic countries will help you fit in as a tourist – you can take help from locals in this regard.